Gugug! is a dog character that looks sweet amidst the wilderness of urban life.
Gugug! can be friends with anyone, even creatures from outside the planet.
Exploring every corner of the city and the various characters he meets,
let’s follow Gugug!’s adventure.

Comic Gugug!

Published in 2018, Gugug! is a non dialogue, black and white comic that tells the adventures of a dog with various characters of people he meets and various stories that occur, while exploring many lives of people and the intricacies of the city.

Sound of Dogs



EMTE (Creator)

Muhammad Taufiq

Properly Known as Emte is a Professional Illustrator who also works on graphic design, fine art and comics since 1993. Gugug! itself is his latest personal project beside working with brands for commercial projects and participating in international art fairs.

PALARI FILMS (Brand Representative)

Established in 2016, Palari Films is a film production company based in Jakarta overseen by the producers Meiske Taurisia and Muhammad Zaidy.

Feature Films:

2018: Aruna & Lidahnya, won best Screenplay Adaptation & Best Supporting actor. Nicholas Saputra at FFI 2018, Indonesia; won most entertaining film at OAFF, 2019, Japan.

2017: POSESIF, on Best Director, Best Actress, Putri Marino & Best Supporting Actor: Yayu Unru at FFI 2018, Indonesia.

Short Films:

2019: Di Balik Layar Behind The Scenes, Netflix Indonesia.

2018: Variable no. 3, Asian Three Fold Mirror Omnibus Film, Japan Foundation X Tokyo Int’l Film Festival

Web Series:

2018: Cerita Nada, Brand: Blue Band


2018: Gugug! (in development)

Gugug's Friends!

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